Intrinsic Value Calculation Basics:.
3 methods of calculating intrinsic value are used: Discounted Cash Flow based on FCF/Share, Discounted Cash Flow based on EPS, and Ben Graham's formula.
An Average Intrinsic Value column is included which takes an average of these 3 methods.  By clicking on the Average Intrinsic Value cell, you can select which valuations are included in the average.


Other than the Ben Graham valuation, calculations are based on NPV of cash flows (FCF/share or EPS)
3 Growth rates/time frames are used, the first 2 are user definable
Growth Rate and number of years for 1st period
Growth Rate and number of years for 2nd period
Fixed 3% Growth Rate for the 3rd period lasting until infinity 


Modify EPS or FCF Growth Rates and periods for stock intrinsic value calculation:.

Picture 3

By clicking on the cell containing company's EPS or FCF growth you can choose to modify the components to calculate intrinsic value.
Latest FCF or EPS value used to calculate intrinsic value
1st Growth Rate and Period
2nd Growth Rate and Period


Key points:
Calculate a custom growth rate:
By clicking on the Calculation Button, you can use two methods to calculate custom growth rates
Clicking the apply button will apply either of these rates to the previous screen.


Customizing the Ben Graham Formula:.
By clicking on the Set Ben Graham Variables button, you can modify the components of the Benjamin Graham formula to be either more conservative or more aggressive as desired. The variables for the current portfolio are displayed next to the button.

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